IELTS Speaking

The IELTS Speaking test is conducted in a personal interview (PI) form, in which the examiner look for how communicative you are and how well you speak up. It is a test of basic British Spoken English skills.

All the other test are conducted in one day except Speaking Module. It can be possibly conducted in one day, or maybe in the duration of 7 days or perhaps before the test of the other parts. Speaking being the most crucial and important part of the IELTS Speaking test. This is conducted in the form of Face-To-Face interview. Here the interviewer judges the candidate’s fluency, confidence, and comfort level in British English speaking power. This session of the interview is recorded for future judgement and probably for rechecking. The speaking test of IELTS last for maximum 15 minutes.

These are the main factors to judge your capability of:

  • Table your opinions, ideas and knowledge on general topics
  • Just speak up on allotted topic for the given time
  • Be logical. Manage your thoughts and opinion accordingly
  • Justify your the viewpoints that you convey. Make it clear.

  • The IELTS Speaking test compel 3 parts as they are given below:-

    Section Duration Information
    Part 1
    Intro and Personal interview
    5 mins The foremost part comprises on the general topics for eg to introduce yourself etc, personal culture and custom and about the things you like.
    Part 2
    Individual long turn
    5 mins In this part, the examiner a Cue Card. The particular card will give you topic to speak up on it for at least 2 minutes. Prior to starting you will be allotted a minute to jot down notes.
    Part 3
    2-way discussion
    5 mins The final one confines the most difficult one; in which examiner tend to ask you question on the topic you were allotted in the cue card.

    Check out for the judgement marks in this test of IELTS

    Marking depends on the following 4 basis: –

  • Fluency and versatility
  • Vocabulary and grammatical power
  • The usage of error-free grammars
  • Exactness in the Pronunciation
    Just do as instructed in the aforementioned to score higher!

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