IELTS Reading

The IELTS Reading Test, covers around 1 hour. This test is different for the candidates of the General and Academic modules. The chief difference between the tests conducted with both the types of modules is of Language. The candidates of General Module face easy text when the candidates of the Academic Modules consist of the complicated one. The Academic Module consist of three passages while in General Module the IELTS Reading test consist of five passages. But the number of questions remains the same in both the modules that is 40.Although the reading passage subjects are different but each one of it is of academic nature.

Candidates,in times, hesitates and feels panic when they face a passage on a some of the subject that are totally new or unknown to them.Point to be remembered is that your answers to the entire set of questions should be in the text form itself. You need not have to be any particular domain expertise to capable of answering the questions. The test is only conducted to judge the reading comprehension ability.

Various kind of IELTS Reading Tasks

Check out the different kind of questions which are generally a section of IELTS reading test which you can have to face in both the Modules:

  • Paragraph which have headings
  • Answer in short
  • Completion of sentences
  • Questions that have multiple choices
  • Flowcharts, Diagrams, Tables, and its conclusion
  • Matching Multiples
  • Completion of summary
  • Locating the data
  • Locating the author’s views
  • Paragraphs classification

  • IELTS Reading Time Limit

    It is always been marked that the candidates often receive a lower score than what you have expected in the IELTS Reading test, as they give much attention and time taken on some parts and therefore are not able to finish the test in the given time. It is utmost important to complete your test which will help you in scoring good marks in this particular module.

    Candidates also waste their time in solving the question they don’t know. It is advisable that when you are confused or fasten at a question that you don’t know, rightfully you should move to the next question. you can solve the difficult question at the end but answer first the one which is easy. In this way you save a lot of time.


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