IELTS Listening

The Listening Test of IELTS for both the parts (or modules) is the same. It is taken first during the exam in the time span of half an hour. It consist of mainly 4 sections of this test. Each section consist of different questions which are related to conversation in context of:

  • Social
  • Academic

  • All total, there are 40 questions and at the end of each part, you get some time to double check your answers. You get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the full IELTS listening test. You need to show up a careful listening so that you listen and make out each bit of it easily because the recording will be played for ONCE.


    The listening test of IELTS is conducted in four different sections which probably focus on variant kinds of speech. Look for the detail below:

    Section 1 – Consist of 2 speakers with a speech based on transactional dialogue or social
    Section 2 – Consist of 1 speaker with a precise speech on any general topic
    Section 3 – Consist of 2-4 speakers with a conversation on any of the educational or training subject
    Section 4 – Consist of 1 speaker with a talk on any of general subject of academical interest


    This test finally judges you on the basis of how attentively you understand as you listen the specific recording and its basic idea, information, opinion and facts. There are several kinds of questions you can be asked in the exam, they can be among the following:

  • Questions that have multiple choice
  • Answer in brief questions
  • Completion of Sentences
  • Completion of flowchart/diagram/Notes and table
  • Matching multiples
  • Grouping
  • Why You Get Variety Of Questions?

    It’s just that, in times you are required to answer not in a bookish language but in your own words. Therefore, here the IELTS counts the correctness in your spellings. If you spell your answer wrongly, the answer will be taken as Wrong answer. A minor mistake will lead to negative marking.

    Suppose, if your answer is ‘hat’ and by mistakenly you wrote ‘hats’, then you have given the answer wrong! you need to do ample amount of practice and hard working to get accomplishes in the test which are related with understanding, comprehension and speech.

    With a rigorous practice, your concentration and listening power will get improvised with the passage of time. Just be patient and confident and you will achieve it


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